O’Ryan Oil and Gas is privately held and was formed in December of 1989.  The first property was purchased in January of 1990.  O’Ryan Oil and Gas currently operates over 400 wells in the State of Texas and has non operated interests in Wyoming and Louisiana.  The offices of O’Ryan Oil and Gas are located in Odessa, Texas.

The business strategy of O’Ryan Oil and Gas is long term growth in the oil and gas industry by purchasing producing properties and development of low risk exploratory drilling in Texas.  Concentration has been made in purchasing waterflood properties in the West Texas Area.  Emphasis has been on developing and exploiting these waterfloods to their full economic potential through infill drilling, recompletions, stimulations and reservoir management. O’Ryan has been actively working on developing low risk exploratory plays in the Boosier Sand, Travis Peak, Cotton Valley and Smackover formations in East Texas for the past five years. O’Ryan has three affiliated companies, O’Ryan Drilling in Texas and Wyoming and O’
Ryan Heavy Haul.


          O’Ryan Oil and Gas has over 200 years of combined experience in its management team of eight people with an average of 12 years of service with O’Ryan Oil and Gas.